Mr. Ross Walker Commercial Director Clinical Health Technologies

Mr. Ross Walker

One of the founders of Clinical Health Technologies, Ross is the driving force behind Clinisept+ and Clinisoothe – the pioneering and award-winning skin technology that has re-written the rule books in the aesthetics and medical sectors – and is now launching into the beauty sector. Having consulted for the likes of Unilever, Disney, Airbus, Coca Cola, De-Beers and Ferrari, Ross is now dedicated to the science of skin healing, whether making a tattoo heal faster, or preventing a leg having to be amputated. A well-recognized face in aesthetics, he is passionate about innovation which improves the human condition.


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Thu, 2 April 7:00 PM BST (London)
Could an antimicrobial mouthwash revolutionize your daily practice of dentistry?

Speakers: Mr. Ross Walker, Dr. Neil Millington

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